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Betsy Holzapfel Health Coach
Rachel Hurmence Health Coach
Ben Brader Health Coach
Tami Wood Health Coach

"My confidence as a first-time business owner has been elevated by the supportive family of fellow health coaches and complete network of functional medicine providers. This community gives me the accountability necessary to achieve success. Increased personal success allows me to make a greater impact as a functional medicine health coach!"

Betsy Holzapfel

Dayton, OH

"I feel more confident as a coach because I can provide more specific support and guidance because I have a team of clinicians to address their lab results and concerns. These tools help me keep track of my client's health journey so I can better support them through each step."

Rachel Hurmence

Salt Lake City, UT

"These tools lessen the guesswork in guiding clients to achieve their well-being goals. Access to comprehensive bloodwork, physician-developed health improvement plans, and medical-grade supplements gives the coach and client a clear picture of the present, along with a personalized roadmap and tools for improvement. The clear, targeted data produces trackable SMART goals. Access to the team of functional medicine providers and fellow health coaches empowers me to build my business more efficiently and have a more significant impact as a Health Coach."

Ben Brader

Denver, CO

"Partnering with this network of functional health providers is empowering my clients to effectively dial into their optimal health zone. A network of physicians, providers & coaches is providing a powerful combination of resources to help people achieve effective, positive results. Clients have access to comprehensive testing, customized health improvement plans based on their testing results along with targeted nutrition and supplement resources. Having access to all of the resources and tools available along with the coaching support gives clients the power to develop data-driven action steps which help positively focus their motivation and habits in achieving their health goals. It’s a game changer!"

Tami Wood

Minneapolis, MN

Dillon Searcy Erica Anderson Health Coach
Erin Cuff Health Coach
Ashley Rollins Health Coach

"As Health Coaches, having access to an arsenal of cutting-edge tools and resources that enable us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of personalized guidance and care is key. With comprehensive bloodwork and physician-developed health improvement plans at our disposal, we are able to gain a detailed understanding of each client's unique health needs, as well as their current state of wellness. With the help of medical-grade supplements and targeted data analysis, we can work with our clients to set achievable, trackable goals that are specifically tailored to their individual needs and priorities."

Dillon Searcy & Erica Anderson

Knoxville, TN

"The tools provided allow access to functional lab work along with a team of providers to best guide clients in their healing and to support them well. I also appreciate having a group to collaborate with on both the coaching and the business side of things. Feeling supported by having weekly meeting opportunities, these tools and this team around me helps me feel more confident in my abilities as both a Health Coach and a business owner. "

Erin Cuff

Dayton, OH

"As a Health and Fitness Coach, I feel it is my duty to give my clients the best possible results through targeted support and providing real answers. Having access to a team of professional Physicians that run a full blood panel and dictate specific root causes in order to understand deficiencies is essential within all my programs for long term success."

Liana Cardoso

Salt Lake City, UT

"What I've found to be the most helpful is the overall support I receive as a coach. This includes the extensive lab testing and access to nutraceuticals. These resources allow me to provide a level of support to my clients that I wouldn't otherwise be able to offer. Instead of guessing at what strategies may help, I'm able to access the knowledge and guidance of functional medicine providers to provide targeted, personalized care for my clients. Along with that, the guidance I receive from other coaches and professionals to help me grow my business is beyond helpful. There's a team of people invested in my success, and I know I can count on them."

Ashley Rollins

Knoxville, TN

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